Competitive Camps is designed for the fencers who have an eye on competing, or are already on the competition strips. They’re designed for beginning and intermediate level fencers and are intensive, weeklong sessions intended to hone skills and focus on tactics and strategies. More serious fencers will gain agility, get into great condition and build camaraderie with other likeminded fencer-athletes. They will sleep well at night!

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Fresno Fencing Club offers a number of exciting camp opportunities over the summer. These camps are designed to be intensive instruction, with lots of one on one attention. They are physical, no doubt, but at the same time they are exciting, as fencing is a sport like no other! Swordplay Camps will enable the beginning fencer to learn what he or she needs to start off on the right foot in this demanding Olympic Sport. With all safety equipment, weapons, and gear provided, the fencer (and his or her parent) will get a real feel for the skills this sport requires. Fencing is a unique and beautiful sport and our newest fencers will learn a little bit about the history and background of fencing, as well. Students in these camps will cross swords with each other every day and by the time they are finished, they are ready to start the introductory fencing classes held at Fresno Fencing Club.