There are three primary opportunities for fencing competition. While each circuit has its own organization and bylaws, they all deliver excellent competitions in accordance with the USFA rules and regulations. This latter is important because it means that fencers can earn letters and (sometimes) national ranking points at these events.

     Locally, the entry-level circuit is called The Bay Cup. Sponsored by the participating clubs, this circuit runs throughout the fencing season and strives to hold up to five one-day competitions per age and letter group per year.  Considering that most fencers qualify for more than one group, the Bay Cup offers a great many opportunities to increase your skill against highly skilled opponents. You can find their website containing their schedule at:

    Regionally, opportunities are good for young people with the Regional Youth Circuit. Established by the USFA as a proving ground for young athletes, there are usually three two-day RYC events during a season, with one being a Super Youth Circuit (SYC) where participants have the opportunity to earn national points and qualify for the North American Cup tournament circuit. In Central California, the RYC's are locally organized, often by participants in the Bay Cup, who pass the word through each member club.

     Nationally, the North American Cup curcuit is the USFA's premier opportunity for fencers. Usually, these tournaments are located in major cities around the country, and typically last four days, requiring flight,  ground transportation, and hotel stays.  The top of the circuit is the Summer National event, which takes eight to ten days with thousands of individual fencers taking part. You can find more information at the USFA website here:

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