Welcome to the Fresno Fencing Club

    The mission of the Fresno Fencing Club is to promote the sport of Fencing in the Central Valley by providing world-class training to local athletes.  Modern fencing spans a range of competitive levels which include the Olympic Games, World Championship competitions, NCAA and national tournaments, and regional adult and youth events.  There is even a veteran category for men and women over forty.  Often referred to as “Physical Chess” fencing is great exercise for the body and mind.  Fencing greatly improves cardiovascular conditioning, balance, self-discipline, and hand-eye coordination.

    Fresno Fencing Club, located at First and Bullard, is a 4,200 square foot facility with electronically scored fencing strips, a fitness room, and changing rooms.  The armory is fully stocked with all necessary safety equipment.  There are classes for all age groups and skill levels in  foil and epee.  Individual lessons are available by appointment.

The coaching staff is headed by Vladimir Ostatnigrosh, a former Soviet and Ukrainian champion fencer.  Vladimir earned a masters’ degree in physical education and coaching from Lviv State Institute of Physical Education and Sport (Ukraine, former USSR), and was ranked as one of the Ukraine’s ten best coaches before coming to the United States to coach fencing at Stanford University.  He brought his coaching skills to Fresno and opened his own fencing club.  Fencers that Vladimir has trained are currently competing in international events, the NCAA, national, and regional levels.  He also teaches fencing at Fresno State.

Students at the Fresno Fencing Club begin with an introductory course where they learn the basic techniques and rules of the sport.  Fencing etiquette and safety are stressed as beginners familiarize themselves with each style of sword.  The next step is to choose a weapon and begin training with other fencers in one of the scheduled classes.  Individual and group lessons can be scheduled throughout the day.

Whether it’s for recreation, or Olympic aspirations, Fresno Fencing Club is the place to begin.  We welcome you to stop by, watch for a while, and ask questions of the coaches, parents, or fencers before making your decision to engage in this exciting sport.