Fresno Fencing Club Head Coach

   Head coach, Vladimir Ostatnigrosh, holds a masters’ degree in physical education and coaching from Lviv State Institute of Physical Education and Sport (Ukraine, former USSR).  With an educational emphasis in fencing, he is proficient in foil, epee, and saber.

  From age 15, Vladimir competed in foil at the national level in both the Soviet Union and Ukraine.  He regularly won medals, including many gold medals, and ranked among the best fencers in the Soviet Union.  He retired from competition to coach full-time for the Ukraine and was voted one of the country’s top ten coaches for several years running.  He then came to the United States and coached fencing at Stanford University.

    He fulfilled his vision of operating his own fencing academy in 2005 when he opened the Fresno Fencing Club.  He has since trained fencers to compete at the international, national, and NCAA levels.  He also teaches fencing at Fresno State.