Fencing Lessons for Intermediate Fencers

     Intermediate Fencers have moved through the Beginning Program and want to take private fencing lessons to improve their fencing on the way to becoming Competitive. At this level, fencers have established sufficient skill to begin competition, and are encouraged to do so, however they are not given coaching at any tournaments they attend, on the one hand saving on the cost of coaching assessments for local, regional, and national tournaments, but on the other risking lesser results than would be possible with a coach in attendance.* (For more on coaching assessments, see Competitive Fencing).

     The Intermediate Fencing Program continues to build on the foundation of developing standard fencing technique, but includes additional instruction particular to electric fencing. Intermediate fencers attend two group lessons per week. Each session lasts from one and a half to two hours.

     To enter the Intermediate program, the fencer needs to own his or her own equipment. The minimum equipment requirements are:

  1. 1.•Under Arm Protector

  2. 2.•Plastic Chest Protector

  3. 3.•Stretch Jacket

  4. 4.•Glove

  5. 5.•Mask

  6. 6.•1 Body Cord

  7. 7.•Electric Lame for Foil

  8. 8.•1 Weapon (Foil or Epee)

     We have special relationships with a number of equipment vendors and will be more than willing to help you purchase the right equipment for your needs.

     * For those who plan on competing, they often skip the Intermediate step and take the plunge into the Competitive Program.